My Mumma Told Me – Marie’s story

“Don’t draw on your arms with pen! You’ll get worms that give you blood poisoning!” 

Well, that’s a bit dramatic. I (obviously) know now that’s a crock of shit. It washes off in the shower (unless it’s permanent marker, then you might need turps). Mumma Jenny only told me that because she didn’t want her 4 year old looking like she was raised by a family of backyard tattooist. 

I was quite the artist though. I‘d draw in all types of mediums from lipstick to permanent marker, but not always on skin. Funny how it translates later in life. I ended up working in the beauty industry as a makeup artist.

 Now, as a mum of two, one very energetic & awesomely creative #fuckerfour, I now find I say, “Don’t draw on your arms with pen! You’ll get worms that give you blood poisoning!” It just rolls off the tongue because I don’t want her looking like she doesn’t have family that loves her enough to give her a shower.

The #fuckerfour is quite the artist though, so I should let her express her creativity however she pleases, as one day she could be on that reality T.V. show “Ink Wars”. 


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